Lily Blackwell

A Necropolitan Archivist


Race: Necropolitan(Human base)
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: Archivist 10
Feats: Mother Cyst, Academic Priest, Corpsecrafter, Destruction Retribution.

Corrections: Intellect is 20, mod is +5 instead of +4.(Forgot to add level up ability scores), Save Dc’s are all one higher, 2 extra skill points(Speak Elven), Missing one feat (Deadly Chill). 1 more first level spell per day, 1 more fifth level spell per day. All In based checks are 1 higher.

Level 10 Stuff: +1 BaB, +1 fort +1 will, +1 4th level spell/day, +1 5th level spell/day, Craft Construct bonus feat,

New Spells: Crawling Darkness, Door of Decay, Control Winds, Cloudkill

Looted Items: Holy Flaming Burst Mace, 20 scrolls. Consecrate spell, Ivory Goats, Ring of Protection +3 of filling out stupid forms, Darkskull, Ring of Laziness. 1d12 Greataxe of Music +3 requires tuning.


Lily was sent into the devil’s twisted murder game by the undead after it became apparent that their previous agent Shinon would not have caused enough damage and would’ve ended the game with a perfectly Lawful society consisting entirely of undead. (Also because Travis forgot how to roleplay Shinon) Her abilities are the same, but she is more adorable and has far more murderous intent than Shinon. Enjoys solving problems with violence, annoying other party members, cute things, and creating horrifying undead crimes against nature that may or may not be adorable in a kind of disturbing way. Has a bone golem named Reginald as a minion.

Lily Blackwell

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